Qui sommes nous ?

Découvrez le concept du n°1 des comparateurs d'assurance de proximité

Weendeal was born from a simple idea, bring technology to insurance professionals and customers.
Our goal is to connect users with professionals like yourself for insurance purposes, loans, mortgages, savings, etc.

Many advantages :
Real time and detailed leads.
An online tool to help you manage your leads.
You select the product you are interested in, wait then meet your potential customers and sign them up.

How does it work ?
1. Our comparator will select the most appropriate offers for the user.
2. Leads are automatically transferred to your space and you receive an alert email.
3. You just have to contact the user to sign him up.
4. Users provide feedback on our services. We measure in real time the efficiency of our methodology.

It's a Win / Win relationship:

1. Users are happy to know that the site commitments are respected
2. Face to face contact guarantees a good and lasting relationship

Capitalize on Weendeal's expertise to durably sustain your growth.
Weendeal helps several thousands of end users to obtain the best services from a local and close professional.

Weendeal group in numbers, it's:
  • More than 500 000 clients
  • 200 000 visitors a month
  • 650 000 pages views a month

Our partnership is based on confidence, ethics and competencies. We are very attentive to the quality and ethic of the professionals we locally select.

A charter allows us to guarantee the quality of the services we offer. By working with us, you will raise your visibility but mainly will bring your expertise to the clients that solicit us.

We offer you a profesionnal and free display.